Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election Day Info


When can I vote???
If you are registered to vote, you can vote from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Election Day, November 4, 2008. will be hosting a central voting information table on the first floor of the HUB throughout the day.

Where do I vote???
Click here for a complete list of polling places, Google Map, and directions.

What do I need to vote?
If you are a first-time voter in Centre County or a first-time voter in your precinct due to an address change, you must present identification at the polls:
Approved forms of photo identification (ID must be valid):
  • PA driver's license or ID card issued by PennDOT
  • ID issued by any other Commonwealth agency
  • ID issued by the U.S. Government
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Armed Forces ID
  • Student ID
  • Employee ID
Approved forms of non-photo identification (ID must include the name and address of the elector):
  • Voter's identification card issued by the voter registration commission
  • Non-photo ID issued by the Commonwealth
  • Non-photo ID issued by the U.S. Government
  • Firearm permit
  • Current utility bill
  • Current bank statement
  • Current paycheck
  • Government check

What's is it like at the polls???
  • When going to the polls to vote, do not wear any campaign material that is exposed (hat, shirt, button, etc). You will be asked to remove it.
  • Do not discuss any political subjects inside the polling place.
  • If you are unsure of the instructions, ask one of the Election Officials for clarification.
  • When entering the polls, the Election Officials at the table will ask your name, address, and possibly your birth date. In the Primaries you will also be asked your party affiliation.
  • After determining you are eligible to vote, you will be asked to sign your name in the poll book. When doing this, check your address listing. [If it is incorrect tell the Official, who will give you a Change of Address Form. Street address is required; a P.O. Box number can be used for mailing purposes ONLY.]

How do I vote?
Centre County will be switching to optical scan voting machines for the 2008 general election. More information will be posted here when it becomes available.

Still have questions???
For questions beyond the scope of the above FAQ visit:

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