Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Liveblog #1

10:03 AM: Moving to Liveblog Thread 2 shortly...

9:54 AM:
We're giving out bagels! Even if you're not voting, come get one.

9:45 AM:
Pollock Halls line is now the longest (Precinct 27), poking slightly out of Alumni Hall. All other lines still 10-30 minutes.

9:37 AM:
Official turnout as of 9:30 AM from an Elections Judge: 1318

9:25 AM:
Turnout so far: 320 at South Halls (25) as of 9:10 AM.
(2664 registered.) 280 at East Halls (24), with waits of 10-30 minutes.

9:08 AM:
"VOTERNOVILLE" is now hanging outside of the HUB. Still relatively short lines; South may still be in the neighborhood of 30 minutes.

8:56 AM:
Active electioneers (as well as campaign posters) have been chased out of the area around the polling place.

8:39 AM:
Another one of our off-campus spies reports only one polling book is present at the St. Paul's Church (Precinct 28). Most on-campus polling locations were split into 2 books.

8:34 AM:
Now is the time to vote, if you are voting at the HUB. Lines are manageable, and will basically only grow from here.

8:16 AM: The initial wait for Precinct 25 (South Halls) was about an hour. Far, far under that right now.

8:11 AM:
One of our off-campus spies reports a 5 minute line for precinct 30, but about an hour wait for precinct 26 (both at Friends Meetinghouse). The line is just about entirely into Alumni Hall at this point.

8:07 AM:
The line has shortened considerably; I can see the end of the line for now. If you want to vote, get in line now.

7:59 AM:
Greg from Democracy Matters just finished his first election protection shift: out of 150 voters or so that he asked, only 2 had problems with getting into the wrong precinct line. The line seems to be long but moving for now.

7:28 AM:
People with cameras are starting to show up; we're handing out "I Vote" buttons, nonpartisan voter guides, and voting rights palm cards, so stop by our table!

7:21 AM
: Good morning, everyone, and welcome to our liveblog from the HUB. I just voted (#17) after standing in line for about 30 minutes before the polls opened. The line is around the corner and out of sight; I'll be investigating more once we have more volunteers at our table. This place has a large amount of volunteers and officials from the Obama campaign. We'll see if that continues throughout the day. Check back for updates!

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Kat Barr said...

Hey Matt - this is Kat from Rock the Vote in DC. Do you know how many people have voted at the HUB so far today? Any idea how that compares to 2004?