Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Liveblog #2...It Continues

12:54 PM: Moving to liveblog 3...

12:52 PM:
"Hail To The Lion" heard in line...thanks to an a cappella group.

12:44 PM:
60 minute waits continue for most on-campus polling locations. West Halls (Precinct 33) has closer to a 10 minute wait. 2/3 of 2004 turnout already, 7 1/2 hours to go.

12:32 PM:
Pen problem resolved(?) - large delivery of pens brought along with some small donations of pens. Other people now reporting waits of 2 1/2 hours off-campus, and being forced to vote by provisional ballot even though they are on the Centre County polling place checker. Referring problems to 1-866-OUR-VOTE. HUB is very busy, but actual lines still moving (waits about 30-60 minutes).

11:52 AM:
Reports coming in of HUB polling places running out of pens; people seem to be taking them as they finish voting. Another report of a student at the HUB who voted straight party but did not vote for the referendums, and was told by pollworker that her ballot wouldn't count - NAACP documented event.

11:36 AM:
Lines extending quite far at this point; State College mayor overrules HUB staff on passing out flyers in the HUB. Lunch rush is here; several people asking where their polling place is.

11:02 AM:
The after class rush has started, and lines are beginning to form out the door again.

10:34 AM:
Just had two friends from the South Halls precinct come out, one waited 10 minutes, and the other waited 40. It depends on your placement in the alphabet at this point. I'd still recommend voting right now before the lunch rush begins.

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Barbara P said...

How did the pollworker know someone had not voted on the referendums?