Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live Blog #4...One Final Evening Push!

7:37 PM: We're calling it for our time at the HUB. Stay tuned to this blog for election results as we get them.

7:30 PM:
Last half-hour. Make sure you vote!

7:00 PM:
About 7300 people have voted at the HUB today. (Compare to 3926 in 2004.)

6:26 PM:
We're sending a few people into the field to find out what's going on with provisional ballots off-campus. Details later.

5:54 PM:
Troubles with off-campus polling at St. Paul's not handing out provisional ballots; lawyers attempting to solve problem, but appears to be directed from the county. Video being recorded.

5:50 PM:
Lines are reasonable, at this point: 20-30 for East and South, 15 for Pollock, minimal wait for 44 and West.

5:41 PM:
Back from choir. Lines are as short as I've seen them all day; now is the time to vote if you haven't done so.

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